Introducing Valron

Once known for it’s sheer beauty and tropical weather, Valron has suffered the extensive excavation and constant draining of her resources leaving her lands barren. The perfect location to house the most feared criminals throughout the galaxy.

Her Wardens, aloof yet unrelenting, Enforcers, trained beyond even that of the Marines, and this, solemn and desolate planet coasting on the outskirts of a blazing star, is where TBNRfrags has decided to start his adventure.

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Expansive Horizons

Hosting the most expansive horizons Cosmic Prisons has encountered, Valron boasts large landscapes, lava rivers, and so much more. An entirely new spawn, new mines, and more.

Think you have what it takes to brave the elements?

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New Enchanting System

Control your destiny; Valron, a whole new experience, and it starts with you! A complete recode of how the enchantment system works. No longer will you struggle with a hope and prayer in the selection of Enchantment Tier, boasting specific enchantment percentages, players will be able to better drive their God Sets.

Dare to take on your enemies? Think you can slink around the guards and own the planet? The game starts now!

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